Roller Rail Systems

Roller Rail

Roller rail systems are specially designed for use with non-motorised linear slides, providing linear movement with less friction for a range of machinery and equipment. Roller slides are often chosen to handle heavier loads and provide more refined control over movements, making them a popular choice for the manufacturing industries, material handling and countless more applications involving automated machinery. At Linear and Telescopic, we specialise in producing roller rail systems for a whole host of applications, with a team of highly experienced engineers and professionals ready and waiting to help clients realise their individual requirements.

The Benefits of Roller Rail Systems

Roller rail systems allow you to handle even the heaviest of loads with minimal effort, with higher levels of control and precision to improve the performance of your machinery and automated processes. Our systems are expertly designed and optimised to ensure smooth-running and streamlined performance, with useful design extras to help with rail lubrication and make maintenance a breeze, saving you the hassle of having to organise costly work stoppages and disruptions to your operation. Tried and tested by countless happy customers, our quality accredited designs are some of the finest around.


Quality Construction for Maximum Performance

We’re committed to bringing to designing and delivering products of the highest standard to our customers, ensuring optimum performance and long-lasting application. Our roller rail systems are constructed from stainless steel, offering exceptional levels of corrosion resistance, making them a suitable choice for use in difficult environments with high exposure to corrosive elements. What’s more, our hardened rollers and components are designed to last for longer, with hardened finishes to ensure they do their job effectively and efficiently, saving you the hassle and expense of premature replacements and redesigns. With factory facilities covering more than 9000 square feet, our products are designed and realised on site, with our team overseeing all steps of production. Perfect if you’re looking for an all-in-one supplier and provider of roller rail systems for total peace of mind.

An Affordable Alternative

If you’re working to a tight budget, Linear and Telescopic have a range of affordable options to ensure you don’t need to skimp on specifics and make unnecessary compromises. Our LAZ rails and PAZ sliders are an ideal choice if you’re looking to save money, offering the same dimensions as our LAX and PAX series products, but with a zinc plated steel constructiogn for a more affordable finished product. Browse our product range online, or get in touch and speak to our team today to enquire about our complete collection and discuss which option is best for you.


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