Steel Roller Telescopic Slides TLAZ, TLAX

Steel Roller Telescopic Slides TLAZ & TLAX

Steel Roller Telescopic

The TLAZ and TQAZ slides are made from robust rolled steel profiles and precision bearings, for smooth and precise moment along with interesting load capacities. The TLAZ comes with an intermediate element to offer higher load capacities than the TQAZ for the medium/longer stroke versions.

Prices from £108.68

These slides represent T RACE’s most economical telescopic slides, but nothing compared with cheap furniture drawer-slides, based on ball-cage movement. The slides are for application where TLS/TSQ/TLR/TQL28 can’t meet the target price or where commercial drawer slides can’t meet the requested quality and smooth movement.

The slides are available in standard steel version and complete INOX versions: TLAX. The INOX versions offer same performance as standard and with same dimensions.

The slides offer a stroke equal to the length of the slide. The roller bearings are with 2Z seals and lubricated for life. Thanks to high temperature grease, the TLAZ are also suitable for application with constant temperature of 170° Celsius The slides comes all with strong damping rubber end-stops , which together with the rolling movement assure very silent function.

Roller telescopic slides TLA-X

Same dimensions and performance as standard version. All components is INOX . The roller bearings have 2RS seal and lubricated for life with grease for alimentary and low temperature applications. Ideal slides for use in medical, chemical, alimentary industries, or in high corrosive ambients as marine equipment also for clean room usage, as very low emission of particles. The slides can easily be washed, due to its open construction.Contact or call us at 01213660601


The TLAZ, TLAX slides have vertical intermediate element to provide good load capacities. Designed for installation at the sides of mobile part for horizontal extension.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications