Heavy Duty Linear Telescopic Slides

Our range of roller telescopic sliding rails of the TLR and TLQ series are designed primarily for continuous movement and to accommodate for variable stroke length as a telescopic rail, for that of both horizontal sliding movement and vertical sliding applications.The TLR series telescopic rails offer a unique method of allowance for the compensation regarding misalignment, when mounted in the sliding rails as a pair, and so therefore significantly reduce friction, wear and binding from minor installation misalignment error.  The telescopic slide rails have the added benefits of incorporated wipers accompanied by a pre greased (lubricated) sponge, in order to provide both clean and lubricated raceways for the effective longevity of the expected linear motion of the unit.The telescopic roller slide versions of TLRX and TQAX offer a high degree of corrosion resistance, as all component parts are manufactured in stainless steel INOX, except the rails, which come with the T RACE-NOX new and innovative anti-corrosion treatment.Across this range of telescopic rollon bearing slides there are 3 separate sizes of section to choose from dependent on space envelope size available and the load carrying characteristics required over a specific length of rail and linear extension.  Dimensions of the rail that is available are as follows: 18, 28 and 43mm.The roller telescopic sliding rail range belonging to the series TLA and TQA are available in two material options:  The rolling telescopic slides TLAZ and TQAZ with rolled zinc plated rails and combined with rollers in hardened steel. The TLAX and TQAX are fully made of INOX Stainless Steel AISI 304 and the rollers in AISI440 for providing high corrosion resistance and for applications whereby only the use of Stainless Steel / INOX components will suffice such as the food or marine industry.This specific series of sliding rails with a roller as opposed to a standard ball bearing telescopic slide featuring a loaded cage with steel bearings are designed for applications that are generally of a medium load capacity, requiring both a smooth and silent movement, at a marginally lower price level without compromising our standards of quality that have become synonymous with our brand and name.In this type of rollon telescopic rail there is the choice of 2 section sized dimensions available again dependant on the application requirements and constraints associated with the compact fitment and location of telescopic rails as a norm: These being 26 and 40mm.Contact or call us at 01213660601