Roller telescopic slides TLQ & TLQX

Roller telescopic slides TLQ & TLQXM

Roller Telescopic TLQ

The very compact TLQ telescopic slides are designed for High-Tech telescopic applications with precise motorized movement, requiring constant smooth sliding performance with no play.

Prices from £332.35

The unique concept for TLQ, is that it allows customer, to set the desired stroke precisely as wanted, based on complete standard product.

The TLQ telescopic slides offer both high radial load capacities, and good axial load capacities. The rail/slider configuration allows the TLQ slides to be mounted not only at the side, but also underneath the moving part, when there are space limitations at the sides. Outstanding linear solution for all vertical applications, for both manual or motorized movement. The squared designed is obtained by using two MR-rails with hardened honed raceways, as the rigid intermediate element, into which the sliders are assembled. In each rail run 2 independent roller sliders, with a certain distance in between them, to obtain a stroke of

H1 for fixed rail/sliders and H2 for mobile rail/sliders. Total stroke H = H1 + H2 is ,equal to the total length of the slide. The sliders to be fixed at structure are longer and positioned with more space in between them. The in general shorter sliders, positioned with less distance in between them are to be fixed at mobile part. For horizontal applications, the product marking must always be on top, to assure max. radial load capacity.

Unlike TLR slides, for TLQ there is no Right-side / Left side version, just by turning the slide horizontally the slide becomes symmetric.

The components for TLQ slides are the same as for TLR slides and MONORACE MR series: High depth nitride hardened rails, honed raceways, double row bearings, strong wipers with incorporated pre-oiled felt for long lasting lubrication of raceways.

TLQ slides are designed for high frequency applications which require min. friction, smooth and stable movement with no play. The material and its treatment offer a good resistance against corrosion, to allow for installation in outdoor ambients.

TLQX slides for corrosive ambients

For corrosive ambients is available TLRX, with all components in INOX , except the rail, which have T RACE NOX anti-corrosion treatment; a oxidation treatment and impregnation in hot oil, to offer a good corrosion resistance.

Modified stroke

The standard stroke H for TLQ slides can easily be modified to obtain different stroke, shorter or longer than standard, just by fixing the sliders in a position different than standard A and B indicated in table.

As shown in the table, by increasing the distance A / B 20% stroke decreases by 20%, but load capacity increases by 80%. Otherwise reducing the distance A / B by 20%, the stroke increase by 20%, while load capacity decrease by 40%

Roller telescopic slides TLQ, TLQX

The TLQX version has same dimensions and performance as standard TLQ

Order code ex.:

TLQ28-770 = standard version with length 770
TLQX28CC-770 = Inox version, with cylindrical fixing holes for all sliders, length 770mm

The listed load capacities Co rad, are per single slide, with the load centered, i.e. in the middle of the extended lower rail, P. In case the load is not centered, ex. The load is more towards tip, the load capacity is reduced, please refer to page 74. For further info and flexion “f” indications. TLQ slides must be installed with the code mark and upper rail at top-side. The size TLQ18 is not available in high corrosion resistance version.Contact or call us at 01213660601

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications