ML Rail & RL, RLX Sliders

ML, RL, RLX Sliders

The ML Series Linear Roller System consists of a C shaped steel rail with internal concave raceways where robust ball bearing rollers travel. The high precision rollers are lubricated for life and protected with 2Z seals. Sliders are available with three or five rollers including eccentrics to adjust the slider’s preload. Both ends of the sliders are equipped with polyamide wipers to remove debris from the raceway and grease impregnated felt wipers to lubricate the raceways for long life with minimal maintenance.

Sliders include a mix of concentric and eccentric rollers. The eccentric rollers are used to preload the system and eliminate any play. The preload can be adjusted to suit the particular application. Sliders are able to carry load and moment loads in all direction. Because one of the rail raceways contacts more rollers than the other, this direction is the prefered direction of radial loading. Two small circular marks indicate the direction of preferred slider loading.

The ML Systems’s C shaped steel rail has internal raceways that are protected from accidental damage. Similarly, the rollers are protected inside the rail and under the slider body.

Overall, the ML Series Linear Rail Systems is easy to assembly and extremely compact.

RL Series Sliders

RL SlidersRL Series Sliders are made of strong zinc plated steel body, with mounting holes parallel to the roller axis and perpendicular to the direction of preferred loading. The sliders have wipers which incorporate preoiled felt for lubrication of raceways. The RL Series Sliders are available in 2 sizes and with either 3 or 5 rollers.

Prices from £21.85

RLS Series Sliders

RLS SlidersThe RLS Series Sliders have a very slim body, as the most compact slider, without sacrificing performance. They also offer both threaded and through hole mounting options (RLS and RLS).

The standard slider body is made from zinc plated steel but is also available in complete inox. The RLS Series Sliders are available in 2 sizes, 2 materials, and with either 3, 4 or 5 rollers.

Prices from £21.85

Technical Data

ML Series Rails are made in two sizes 28mm and 43mm with two types of mounting holes: ML, L with counterbored mounting holes for special low head TORX mounting screws that are provided with the rail. ML, S with countersunk mounting holes for UNI-standard ISO5933 fasteners. The rail has a “C” shaped crosssection with interior, concave raceways.

The concave raceways are polished for smooth, low noise motion. The interior raceways are protected from accidental bumps and other damage that can spoil the surface. The shape also protects the rollers from similar types of damage.

ML Series Rails are made from carbon steel, that is hardened through high depth nitiriding.The rails are then treated with the innovative

TRACE-NOX process which delivers excellent corrosion resistance. This treatment is not a plating which can flake off, but instead penetrates and alters the material surface.

The result is a very hard and durable, corrosion resistant linear rail that is black in color, due to the microimpregnation of oil and antioxidants.

The sliders of series RL offer a strong body with 4 fixing holes. Very compact slider, with thin strong slider body, for application with limited space. Performance like standard RL-sliders. Featuring extra long 4-roller version to optimize performance with only 1 slider, instead of 2 sliders.

The sliders are available in standard version with threaded fixing holes RL.S and in version C with through passing holes for inside fixing with standard cylindrical screws DIN912, with no interference with the rollers.

L. rollers for ML rails

L Roller The rollers of series L.V and P.Z are single row bearings with 2Z steel seals. The integrated roller pivot has concentric or eccentric shape, to allow for preload setting in the different systems. The bearings are made to precision class DIN620 of core-hardened carbon steel. The inner ball-retainer is too made of steel for high temperature applications to withstand high temperature.Contact or call us at 01213660601

Prices from £21.85

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications