Linear Rail Slide Track Roller Systems

Linear Rail Slide Track Roller Systems

Linear and Telescopic Slides range of linear rail products with roller bearings and linear track products are setting new standards due to their innovative design and technical concepts.  The MONORACE Range of linear rails slide track systems, based on different C-shaped linear rails with an unprecendented wide range of bearing sliders (carriers / carriages), is offering unique linear solutions for all kinds of automation applications over a wide variety of industries.  From Materials handling and stowage systems to sorting and picking warehouse racking right through into Aerospace, Rail, Commercial Vehicles and  machine guards and machine guarding applications.

LTS’s linear rail track and rails system with roller bearing sliders and internal raceways, now offer the markets highest performing system, along with being size wise the most compact system there is.

The linear rails featured in the MR – ML series are high precision cold-drawn profiles, made from a specific case hardened steel alloy, to assure optimal surface hardening by nitrogen diffusion. In addition the treatment also provides a strong resistance withing the linear rail against corrosion, meanwhile reducing the friction and wear, to assure an extremely long life span for the linear rail.  These linear rails are extremely capable of carrying the heavy duty load in the most rigorous and challenging of applications.

The linear rails of series LA, are rolled steel profiles for simple but effective linear rail applications.  These prove also to be most cost-effective yet still perform with serious results in even the harshest of environments.  An INOX / Stainless Steel linear rail version is also available for severe conditions where corrosion is a critical factor in selecting a linear roller bearing track that can meet the requirements.  For higher wear / constant linear motion applications a nitride hardened option is available.  Across the range a lubricated wiper system can now be utilised on the roller bearing carrier for instances of high contamination being present.  Also the linear track bearing carriers are available in multiple bearing versions increasing load capacity for the linear rail application.

The unique design of our portfolio of linear bearings, along with the products capability to fit non precise installation constructions, assures an optimal solution for a wide range of linear load moving applications outside the typical machine tool market such as: material handling equipment, transport/military vehicles, office furniture, Battery Boxes, door guide, door track, door rail  and an endless list of other sectors where linear guides in a dynamic environment is of high importance and integrity.

Linear and Telescopic Slides place great pride in being able to take many of the standard linear rail and linear roller bearing products and engineer adaptations to meet specific bespoke customer expectations and requirements.  We therefore encourage you in this instance to contact or call us at 01213660601 in order to discuss your linear motion application in detail.