Flexible Linear System

Flexible Linear System

Flexible Linear System

FLEXRACE a very flexible linear system with unique assembly possibilities. The FLEXRACE system provides an extremely versatile linear system, with great variety of rail / roller configurations for a wide range of applications. FLEXRACE is designed to be a strong and simple multitask linear system for larger handling and automation applications. It is a Low -cost, easy to assemble system, that offers smooth motion even on inaccurate surfaces.

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FXR rail with rollers

Depending on space and capacity requirements, two dimensions of rollers are available, size 43 – 63. The standard rollers are guiding of type R.V, but with use of the floating-rollers R.P43 o r R.F43 and R.F63 a self-aligning system is easily obtained. For corrosive ambients INOX rollers are also available in size 43.

FXR rails

The rail is made from special carbon steel alloy to assure a good nitride hardening with our T RACE-NOX treatment. An innovative hardening technology applied to the linear rail products able to increase the hardness on the surface and in depth, enough to guarantee to support the typical Hertz’s stress in the point of contacts with the rollers, and to grant a strong resistance against corrosion, reducing the friction and the wear, for a long life of the rail.

After nitride hardening the rails are processed with an oxidation treatment and subsequently a hot-oil impregnation to assure a nice black colour and a high corrosion resistance. Now is also available the version FXR-P80 with holes pitches 80 mm, recommended for high load application.

Roller positioning

FLX PositioningThe roller must be correctly positioned with regards to load direction and also with sufficient number of rollers to assure requested load capacity and life-time. The load capacities are listed on page 23. Generally it is always preferable to position the rollers so the main loads are acting radially on the rollers, as highest load capacity for the rollers,

i.e. Co rad. Load capacity is higher than axial load capacity Coax, as the axial load is only acting on one raceway, compared to two raceways for radial loads. The rollers must be fixed to complete rigid and plan steel support and fixed with the below indicated tightening torques for each type of rollers.

While fixing screw of the rollers is maintained blocked with the key on the rear-end, each type of rollers has its own key/tool. When use of eccentric rollers, it is suggested to use a spring washer, between screw and roller, to facilitate the preload regulation before final tightening of roller. The preloading of the eccentric rollers are done, like explained for the sliders on page 32.

Lubrication of rails and rollers

The correct lubrication of rails and rollers is very important to assure long life of the products, in case of high frequency applications. In such cases it is suggested to clean raceways and rollers and re-lubricate every approx. 100.000 cycles, in normal operation conditions. We suggest to use grease for high precision of type “Class NLGI2 (ISO2137) .

Possible configurations with FXR rails

The FXR rail allows for many different rail configurations for linear moments with 2 or more parallel rails fixed to plan or tubolar supports, on which rollers or carriers are running. With its unique 3-raceways, compact and space saving linear solutions can be obtained.

The below illustrated configurations are all customized solutions T RACE have been offering its customers and are made to order. Naturally these solutions can also be made locally by end user, just buying the components, FXR rails and rollers. If requested T RACE’s Technical office can assist to assure correct dimensioning according to requested load/moment capacities.

Main advantages are that linear solutions with high Mx moment capacities can easily be assembled. Solutions which too can substitute a monorail solution with parallel rails.

FXR Config

R. rollers for MR, FXR rails

FLX RollingThe ROLLERACE rollers are designed around a double-row precision ball bearing to guarantee both high radial and axial load capacities. The rollers are protected by a double lip sealing system (2RS) to assure long lifetime, even in difficult environments. The integrated roller pivot has concentric or eccentric shape, to allow for preload setting in the different systems.

The bearings are made to precision class DIN620 of core-hardened carbon steel. The rollers are available in series R.V with 2 contact points on the protruding raceways to obtain, a rigid guiding movement. The R.P has the rollers with some limited floating/compensation capacity, as only having one contact point at the central part of the raceways.

The R.F rollers offer much more floating capacity, as one side is completely flat (only rollers in size 43/63). The rollers of size 28 and 43 are also available in INOX stainless steel series R..X. All made from AISI440 steel, core hardened and ground, for applications in corrosive ambients.Contact or call us at 01213660601

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications