Curve Rails Roller System

Our range of curved rails offers the ideal solution for non linear track and sliding motion load moving applications.

Sliding linear rail track with a curve is found in many industrial applications but most common where a constant radius curved door system is needed whether this is a curved door rail in a train (rail) or boat (marine) environment or a machine housing needing a radius sliding door track rail.  Space restrictions in a compact environment make our curve rail and slider system an ideal technically engineered solution.

Each individual curved rail from the BSC series is made to customers’ specific request, based on specified constant radii for the design but not less than 500mm.

Due to the ability to produce constant radius curved rail in a length of up to 3000mm for the BSC28 and 4000mm for the BSC43 curved rail, the scope for design is significant when faced with the problem moving a sliding load over significant stroke distances.

The curved sliding track is manufactured from cold-drawn steel profile and finished with bright zinc plating.

For fixing of the non-linear curved shaped tracking runner rail system the radial fixing hole points are customised as indicated in the technical PDF document.

For ultimate circular sliding performance the curved tracking is accompanied by 3 roller bearings.  These RBS bearings ensure the finest quality in all sliding door and material handling type applications. They are mounted on a sliding roller carrier body that ensures smooth uncompromised movement along the curved length of the rail track surface.  Common scenario is the 2 roller bearing wheels on the top of the curved roller rail and one on the underside of the door track.  These high spec engineered roller linear bearings are complete with 2Z seals for enhanced performance.Contact or call us at 01213660601