Telescopic Ball Bearing Slides

Our range of ballcage industrial telescopic slides belonging to the series TLS, TSQ and TSH are specifically designed and engineered for high load heavy duty applications that generally require minimum flex / flexion.

The semi-telescopic slide rails as featured in our product series SR goes on to form the base component of the aforementioned telescopic sliding rails.

The combination of optimized design and nitride hardened raceways on the telescopic beams provide a superior performance when compared to other more traditional induction hardened and then subsequently zinc plated raceways of other inferior manufacturers’ telescopic slides, which soon become un-stable as the zinc plating is often consumed and eroded after what we consider a very short usage.

The sliding telescopic rails of version TLSX, TSQX, TSHX and SRX go on to offer additional high corrosion resistance due to the fact that all parts are produced and manufactured in stainless steel / INOX, except the actual rails, which benefit from coming with T RACENOX which is an innovative anti-corrosion treatment exclusive to our elite range of telescopic extending slides.Contact or call us at 01213660601

Once again there are 2 section-dimensions available to choose from, these being: 28 and 43mm profile rails.