Drawer Slide

Linear and Telescopic Slides Limited engineer linear rail and telescopic slide products for a multitude of industry sectors. We have decades of experience in making these parts and are continually adapting our technologies to provide you with the best possible quality. We know have a broad range of products in our catalogue including telescopic drawer runners and slides.


Our telescopic drawer slides are safe and unbelievably easy to install and use. They remove the need to reach in and lift out equipment, as they are more accessible then most drawers. All our sliders are made from the best quality materials and have zinc plating. They have a uniform appearance and a professional finish so wherever you install these units whether it is in a home environment, in the commercial or office setting or in industry like most of our existing customers, wherever they are used they are assured to work efficiently and look great.


We pride ourselves on our rich technical background in engineering and our ability to bring an optimum solution to any industrial situation. The key features of our telescopic slides linear rails are the c-shaped rails with internal raceways coupled with roller slides or ball cage sliders. We also have an innovative heat treatment process to harden the surfaces to defend against resistance and heavy duty, frequent usage. We then treat the products with a chemical oxidation to give the original slick black colouring and to protect against corrosion. Our units are easy to install and once installed, last longer than a normal draw slide. Our customers reinvest in our products due to the professional finish, the silent running and long lasting quality. We also make it very easy to make direct replacements of the rails or slides.


Our products no longer use the riveted method, they used the screw and nut method to fix the rails together. This increases the strength and rigidity dramatically of the elements, making the product overall more robust in quality. They are designed for heavy-duty telescopic applications that move precisely and can be used on a high frequency. This solves friction problems and strength problems produced by a normal drawer slide.


We have a broad range of changeable elements to our products and the options for telescopic slides can include double row ball bearings, variables strokes, single ball bearings or a combination of these elements. We also have ball-cage slides and these can have ball-cages that are synchronized or not depending on your requirements.


If you are interested in any of our products or have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our experts will be able to advise you on the slides that are suitable for your needs and discuss prices or contracts. You can order a catalogue or view online today to get more product information. To contact or please call us on 01213660601