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Linear Rails & Telescopic Slides New Technical Literature

LTS are pleased to announce the release of two new product brochures for our linear rail slides and our telescopic rail slides.  Incorporated in the linear rails literature are our new MRG43 and MRG46 Linear motion rail slides with increased load capacities and optional roller bearing carrier designs to counter typical engineering issues such as misalignment and tolerances within framework assemblies. 

Linear Rails Roller Bearing Sliding System

Linear Rail Sliding Track MR Series

The extending telescopic slides portfolio includes the cost optimised TLN extending rail telescopic slides perfect for applications where longevity and pricing is of paramount importance without compromising heavy load capacity.  These telescopic slides use our signature nitride hardening technology combination with black thermochemical impregnation of cold rolled rail section that ensures lubrication for life in a roller bearing slide system incorporating 120 hours salt spray test to the rails and a 700 hours salt spray tested steel intermediate beam element.

Telescopic Sliding Rail being of roller bearing type

Both brochures include our stainless steel corrosion resistant sliding systems for both linear rails and telescopic slides along with details of the new cathodic epoxy (e-Coat) technology we can apply for specialist applications such as off-shore marine slides, medical telescopic rails, clean room environment linear motion and pharmaceutical linear rails load movement and production. 

We would like to thank Shropshire Photographer Natalie Jayne Photography for her extensive efforts in collaborating for both the linear rail and telescopic slides brochures.

Please click on the below links to download either the linear rail or telescopic slide brochure however as ever we encourage you to engage with us at the earliest opportunity to benefit from our extensive technical support when designing either a linear rail system or a telescopic slide arrangement into your specific application. United Kingdom 00 44 (0) 121 366 0601 or web contact form can be found here.




Linear Rail that keeps on performing on and on and on…..

The SF28 and SF43 Linear Rail is one of our most compact yet accomplished rail profiles- the SF series never ceases to amaze.

Linear Rails with superior performance

Linear Rail Heavy Duty

With controlled depth nitride hardened technology and unique honed ball bearing raceways this linear rail performs in applications time and time again where other linear rails fail.

Backed up with a black thermochemical oxidising process to enhance wear characteristics and now available with a pre-load setting and ‘X’ / ‘KB’ corrosion resistant version you will struggle to find a higher ranking linear rail when it comes to longevity and load carrying capabilities.

The SF series linear rails is an easily modified and customisable sliding rail system that can be easily adapted to suit specific application needs.  Typical uses for these sliding rails are where high load capacity and high moment performance are critical along with excellent wear characteristics.  These can be commonly found in the following applications:

  • Retail and commercial slide-out units
  • High frequency drawer sliders
  • High moment cantilever slide out work platforms
  • Robotics and Automation slides
  • Pick and Place handling systems sliders
  • Warehouse and sorting systems for slide out racks and racking
  • Automotive brake pedal box assemblies for sliding type
  • Heavy duty machine guards and guarding systems
  • Machine tool changing systems
  • Defence, Aerospace, Military and Specialist Vehicle Sliding units
  • Sliding loading platforms
  • Furnace and materials handling equipment

Due to our unique patented nitride hardening process the SF series is able to crucially maintain a preload set at point of manufacture which is rarely compromised during the lifespan of the application.  We are able to offer a this sliding rail with a light pre-load (P1) that increases the required thrust force for movement thus offering a slightly damped and controlled feeling to the motion of the pay load.

Find our CAD Data by clicking here….

Find our Linear Rail Technical Data Sheet by clicking here….

Please contact us to find out more about how our products can in turn enhance yours.

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Linear Rails and Telescopic Slides ON SHOW!!

Linear Rails on show at exhibition

Linear and Telescopic to exhibit at advance Engineering 2016

aero-engineering-2016-linear-rails-and-telescopic-slides automotive-engineering-2016-linear-rails-and-telescopic-slides

Linear and Telescopic Slides Limited are pleased to announce that we are exhibiting at the forthcoming Advanced Engineering Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC 2nd – 3rd November.

You can find our profile here exhibiting on Stand K82 in Hall 3

We have made a series of meeting slots available for you to book on the link above should you require an exact scheduled appointment.

On display will be our new range of nitride hardened Linear Rails and latest updates to include the all new 35mm profiles in our Telescopic Slides. Our technical sales representatives will be on hand throughout the two days to discuss how we can assist with your linear motion project requirements.

We look forward to seeing you there or contact us in advance.

Slide Components: Advanced Surface Finishes


We have in the past 10 years experienced  a non quality/appearance consistency variation when zinc-plating of sheet-metal components, i.e. S-profiles for TLS and TLR Telescopic Slides intermediate elements, Linear Rail SLIM-sliders and standard runner track RL slider / sliders bearing plates.  – Unlike the ground steel parts as linear rail slider body for R18-28-43 sliders  (for MR linear rails) , which feature very good zinc-plating quality and uniform appearance.


To assure a consistence acceptable appearance and further enhance better anti-corrosion protection, T RACE has decided to introduce gradually from January 2015 a BLACK cataphoresis coating (e-coating / e-coat ), with an extremely sophisticated black modern semi-gloss surface finish,  for the following components :


SLIM sliders for MRG – MR – ML linear sliding rails

Standard RL sliders for ML linear sliding rails

S-elements for TLS – TLR – TSH Telescopic Slides


The technical features of the new black e-coating :
• Type of treatment: Electrophoresis black epoxy
• Thickness: 15/22 microns
• Resistance to salt spray (ASTM B-117-03):> 500 hours
• Good resistance to oils and synthetic hydrocarbons
• No electrical conductivity
This type of treatment is widely used in the automotive sector for car body frames / chassis ,usually replacing the zinc-plating.  

Contact or call us at 01213660601

Below are photos of the new black e-coat components .

Sliding Rail Bearing CoatingTelescopic Drawer Slide Coating Upgrade

Product code Type Surface treatment
R.G18-3 /5 SLIDER

Bright Zinc-plating

R.28-3  /5 SLIDER
R.43-3 /5 SLIDER
R.T28-3 /5 SLIDER


R.T43-3 /5 SLIDER




R.GS18-3 /5 /4L SLIDER


R.S28-3 /5 /4L SLIDER


R.S43-3 /5 /4L SLIDER


RL28-3 /5 SLIDER


RL43-3 /5 SLIDER
RLS28-3 /5 /4L SLIDER


RLS43-3 /5 /4L SLIDER



Bright Zinc-plating



TLR18 S-element (intermediate)


TLR28 S-element (intermediate)
TLR43 S-element (intermediate)
TLAZ26 S-element (intermediate)

Bright Zinc-plating

TLAZ40 S-element (intermediate)
TLS28 S-element (intermediate)


TLS43 S-element (intermediate)



Engineering Change Enhances Telescopic Slide Roller Rail Products


Telescopic Sliding Roller Bearing Linear Rail Manufacturing Design changes bring improved performance.

A significant manufacturing change offers improvements in the TSQ, TSQR and TLQ Telescopic Slide Roller Linear Rail product range.

Both profile sliding track sizes 28mm and 43mm will have the rails fixed together by screw and nut method therefore, no longer riveted . This vastly improves the strengths and rigidity of the intermediate element and is thus reflected in a technically advanced more robust quality product in its entirety.

Please note for all OEM customers that this improvement is to be implemented from 21st February  2014.  The overall dimensions and features of the existing model remain unchanged as an assembly and therefore we anticipate design change will not be required.Contact or call us at 01213660601


New PCN40 Roller Bearings for LA/LU Linear Rails

Over the course of the next few months we will be introducing to our standard stock of PAZ40-3 Linear Rail 3 Bearing Carriers the latest innovative roller bearing design…. the PCN40.

Sliding Track Roller Bearing

Linear Bearing Sliding Rail Roller

Significant geometrical design changes, notably the 3 radius outer edges added to the bearing allow a greater surface contact area thus reducing point load wear effects particularly in high cycling load movement and carrying applications.  Not only does this improve product longevity and reliability but also offers an enhanced load carrying capacity.

This new linear rail roller bearing when mounted on a standard carrier can be used with sliding linear rails LAZ40 and the new LUN40 (open ‘C’ section) type runner guide rail.  It is the 2 outer edge radius that commonly interact with the PAZ40 linear rail and the central radius edge utilised on the PAN40-3 Sliding Rail carrier used in conjunction with the LUN40 channel rail.

The PAN40-3 carrier using this arrangement has been tested to over half a million cycles in development of this new type bearing performing to a most satisfactory level.  All previous and current LAZ/LUN rail remains completely interchangeable with this new style ‘P’ bearing.

Please contact us using the site contact form or by telephone on 0121 366 0601 for further detail and technical support.

Linear Rail Sliding Track and Carrier System applications

Linear Guide Sliding Rail Door Slide

Sliding Door Rail Linear Guide Roller Bearing

Linear Rail Sliding Track and Carrier System for doors and other industrial applications

Latest applications for our robustly engineered sliding linear rails for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and medical sector amongst many other have again provided an ideal solution in an environment whereby issues with magnetism are present.

The LAX/PAX 26 & 40mm range offer a single piece construction in rolled 304 stainless steel (INOX).  This has the ability to take a load in radial planar of 800N/ 1600N (179lb/ 359lb) and then in an axial orientation of 400N  / 800N (89lb / 179lb) respectively.

The 3 bearing hardened sliding carrier benefits from being produced in 440C stainless (INOX) and 2RS seals which are lubricated for life with mineral oil for alimentary or low temp scenarios and when accompanied by P series roller bearings available in hardened AISI440 stainless steel (INOX).  This again is most beneficial in other industries such as food processing, marine or challenging environments where there is the possibility of exposure to agents of a high corrosive grade.

For technical engineering assistance with your specific application and to see how our expertise can enhance your project, please do not hesitate to contact us at Linear and Telescopic Slides.

More information can be found by clicking on the below link

Technical Specifications


LTS appointed as T-Race distributor

On October 1st, 2012, Linear and Telescopic Slides Limited (LTS) were appointed to act as exclusive distributors for the United Kingdom and British Isles for the supply of T RACE S.p.A products.

LTS will facilitate the supply of the entire T RACE product range to include both the Monorace Linear Rail range and the Telerace Telescopic Rail portfolio.

Each of the key LTS management team members has decades of experience between them in the telescopic and linear slides industry and have an in depth expertise that enables them to offer technical advice when it comes to offering products of the highest quality with an engineering biased support service to match.

LTS look forward to discussing future or existing individual project and application requirements with customers old and new in the near future. Contact or call us at 01213660601