New PCN40 Roller Bearings for LA/LU Linear Rails

Over the course of the next few months we will be introducing to our standard stock of PAZ40-3 Linear Rail 3 Bearing Carriers the latest innovative roller bearing design…. the PCN40.

Sliding Track Roller Bearing

Linear Bearing Sliding Rail Roller

Significant geometrical design changes, notably the 3 radius outer edges added to the bearing allow a greater surface contact area thus reducing point load wear effects particularly in high cycling load movement and carrying applications.  Not only does this improve product longevity and reliability but also offers an enhanced load carrying capacity.

This new linear rail roller bearing when mounted on a standard carrier can be used with sliding linear rails LAZ40 and the new LUN40 (open ‘C’ section) type runner guide rail.  It is the 2 outer edge radius that commonly interact with the PAZ40 linear rail and the central radius edge utilised on the PAN40-3 Sliding Rail carrier used in conjunction with the LUN40 channel rail.

The PAN40-3 carrier using this arrangement has been tested to over half a million cycles in development of this new type bearing performing to a most satisfactory level.  All previous and current LAZ/LUN rail remains completely interchangeable with this new style ‘P’ bearing.

Please contact us using the site contact form or by telephone on 0121 366 0601 for further detail and technical support.