Linear Rail that keeps on performing on and on and on…..

The SF28 and SF43 Linear Rail is one of our most compact yet accomplished rail profiles- the SF series never ceases to amaze.

Linear Rails with superior performance

Linear Rail Heavy Duty

With controlled depth nitride hardened technology and unique honed ball bearing raceways this linear rail performs in applications time and time again where other linear rails fail.

Backed up with a black thermochemical oxidising process to enhance wear characteristics and now available with a pre-load setting and ‘X’ / ‘KB’ corrosion resistant version you will struggle to find a higher ranking linear rail when it comes to longevity and load carrying capabilities.

The SF series linear rails is an easily modified and customisable sliding rail system that can be easily adapted to suit specific application needs.  Typical uses for these sliding rails are where high load capacity and high moment performance are critical along with excellent wear characteristics.  These can be commonly found in the following applications:

  • Retail and commercial slide-out units
  • High frequency drawer sliders
  • High moment cantilever slide out work platforms
  • Robotics and Automation slides
  • Pick and Place handling systems sliders
  • Warehouse and sorting systems for slide out racks and racking
  • Automotive brake pedal box assemblies for sliding type
  • Heavy duty machine guards and guarding systems
  • Machine tool changing systems
  • Defence, Aerospace, Military and Specialist Vehicle Sliding units
  • Sliding loading platforms
  • Furnace and materials handling equipment

Due to our unique patented nitride hardening process the SF series is able to crucially maintain a preload set at point of manufacture which is rarely compromised during the lifespan of the application.  We are able to offer a this sliding rail with a light pre-load (P1) that increases the required thrust force for movement thus offering a slightly damped and controlled feeling to the motion of the pay load.

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