Flexible Linear Roller Systems

The FLEXRACE system consisting of a sliding roller bearing rail type has been proven to be one of the most flexible linear rail system to the extremes that has unique, unlimited and endless application assembly possibilities in a wide range of engineering environments.

The FXR FLEXRACE rail and rollon bearing wheel system provides a highly adaptable and versatile linear rail runner system, which encompasses a vast variety of load carrying linear rail and roller bearing configurations for an impressively wide range of applications. The FLEXRACE FXR linear rail and roller bearing style is designed primarily as being a uniquely strong yet simple multi-task linear rail and bearing system for higher and larger load handling and also for automation type applications. Yet at the same time as being Low –cost (extremely cost efficient in fact), simplistic (easy in terms of DFA (Design for Assembly) system that has the ability to offer smooth linear motion even on the most inaccurate surfaces.  The physical profile of the linear rail being square is well suited to corner installations at the same time offers a linear motion solution being low in weight (lightweight) and very quiet being low-noise in operation.

In addition our gliding rail is made from a special carbon steel alloy so as to ensure an extremely high quality superior nitride hardening incorporating the use of T RACE-NOX treatment. This is essentially a new and innovative method of hardening technology which is applied most commonly to our ranges of sliding roller linear rail component products so as to enable the increase of hardness on the surface and in the depth that this has, and is enough in order so as guarantee to support the typical Hertz’s stress at the location of point of contacts with the rollers bearings, and so as to therefore grant a very strong resistance against corrosion which thus reduces the friction and the wear enhancing the long life of the linear rail.

After nitride hardening the guiding rails are processed with an oxidation treatment and then subsequently this is followed by a hot-oil impregnation and provides for the optimum friction and wear results.  This is to assure a nice high quality black colour and so is complemented by high corrosion resistance. The FXR Flexrace rail is now also available with the version FXR-P80 which has the added feature of having the fixing hole pitches spaced at 80 mm, which is then recommended suitable for high load applications.

The FXR roller sliding linear rail allows for numerous alternative rail and roller bearing configurations for linear moments that combine two or more parallel linear bearing rails fixed to plan or tubular supporting beams, which upon rollers or bearing carriers are running along. With its unique 3-raceways, smart, functional, compact and space saving characteristics, efficient dynamic  linear solutions can be provided.

On the pages to follow are illustrations of configurations that we have tailor-made and customised enabling us to offer clients bespoke solutions and in turn accommodating unique and challenging application demands.  In your design phase naturally you may wish to consider your own alternative solutions that you may wish to source locally yet taking in the FXR linear rails and roller bearings or as part of our service we can provide this in a package so as to facilitate and provide a value-added engineered service.

As with all our linear rail, telescopic slides and roller telescopic rail products we pride ourselves on being able to offer extensive technical assistance so as to assure the correct product is being specified/dimensioned and engineered according to the required load and moment capacities of the application.

The primary and main advantage is that linear rail and load moving solutions with a high Mx moment capacities can easily be assembled using this FXR Linear Rail product.  It also has the added advantage that it offers a solution which can simplistically substitute a monorail solution with one that uses parallel linear rails.

Our precision engineered ROLLERACE roller bearings are designed incorporating a double row hi-precision ball bearing so as to guarantee both high axial and radial load bearing capacities. The rollers being protected with a double lip sealing system arrangement (2RS) in order to assure longevity over their lifetime, even in the most difficult of environments. This means the system components are extremely resistant to dirt; the cleanliness also makes the system suitable for cleanroom and hygiene applications potentially. The integrated roller pivot feature is of either a concentric or eccentric shape and this then allows for a preload to be set in the different systems.  The bearings are manufactured to the precision class DIN620 of core hardened carbon steel.

The linear rail bearing rollers are available in series R.V which features 2 contact points on the protruding raceways in order to obtain a quality rigid guiding movement/motion.  Whereas, the R.P encompasses rollers with some limited floating tolerance/compensation in its capacity, as this has only one single contact point at the very central part of the raceways.  The R.F rollers offer significantly more floating capacity, as one side of its geometry is completely flat (please note though that only rollers in size 43/63 are compatible).

Just to complete the total package in this system the roller bearings of size 28 and 43 are also available in stainless steel / INOX.  This stainless steel series bearings R..X. are all made from AISI440 steel which is core hardened and ground, for demanding applications in environment where high corrosion resistance is a key factor for the systems selection criteria (corrosive ambient).