Telescopic Slides Linear Rails

Linear and Telescopic Slides Limited (LTS) is an engineering orientated and technically biased supplier of innovative telescopic slides linear rails solutions. Our core members of staff are highly qualified individuals with comprehensive industry experience in the field of linear motion.

The LTS advantage:– Through our in-depth history and our unusually rich technical background we have the ability to provide an engineering service for the study, analysis and research of your linear motion application to enable LTS to offer an optimized solution. This could be as simple as adapting a standard linear rail product or developing a completely new bespoke telescopic slide solution. This approach ensures the customer has the correct sliding rail or telescopic slide product at an optimum commercial level.

LTS focus on manufacturing and supply using the excellent Trace product range of Linear Rails and Telescopic slides. The T RACE products are characterized by a strong originality for both the dimensions and geometric shapes and for the innovative production process:-

Key Features:

  • The C-shaped rails with internal raceways coupled with their roller sliders or ball cage sliders  offer the best performance / size, available on the market.
  • The innovative heat treatment of surface hardening provides high levels of wear resistance  and excellent protection against corrosion due to post-treatment chemical oxidation, which  also gives the original black colour.
  • Linear Slides, easy to install roller systems offer long life, silent running with bearings sealed for  life and options of stainless steel, Zinc, Nitride Black hardened and self alignment facilities.
  • Direct replacements for Rollon & Automotion Components Linear Rails / Telescopic Slides

monorace range

  • Telescopic Slides, available with roller systems for automated applications or standard ball bearings. Raceways hardened for long-life. Stainless steel, Zinc, Nitride Black hardened and self aligning options.

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Application Sectors: The application areas are very diverse, ranging from Automated CNC machines and general-automation to civilian and military transport vehicles, Rail Doors and Seats, medical equipment, civil construction, High-Tech furniture and countless other applications, where traditional re-circulating ball slides are not an adequate linear solution.

As you can see the range on offer from LTS is suitable for a wide range of applications, please contact us and we will discuss your application in detail and recommend the best solution.